(Live From Daisyland)

“We’ve got a long way to go and no time to get there”, so the song goes!
“Long Way To Go” (Live From Daisyland)is the third release from the LIVE series recorded at the world-famous venue Rock City in Nottingham, England during the bands ‘Like No Other Tour in November ’21.

The Dead Daisies took the extremely enthusiastic and vocal crowd on a trip down memory lane with “Long Way To Go”,the classic hit from their 2016 album Make Some Noise.

It’s been a crowd favourite and always in the set-list atlive shows.
The song took on new life with the voice of rock, lead singer Glenn Hughes’ and the drive from the engine room with Tommy Clufetos on drums and the dynamic duelling guitars of Doug Aldrich and David Lowy. “It’s a hard-driving rock and roll track with great significance to the world’s predicaments today.

What’s really cool about the riff is the first two bars are 4×4 and the third bar is 2×4 which gives it a really interesting feel.
It’s a very meaningful track to us as the music is an ode to my friend Doc Neeson and the lyrics that John Corabi came up with are very poignant”-David Lowy.

The Dead Daisies continue their rock adventure into 2022 kicking off summer with amassive pan European jaunt that’s set to radiate some heat.
There’s a combination of arena and amphitheatre shows with Judas Priest, Foreigner, Whitesnake,some prestigious festivals and a stack of headline dates!

Rejoining the band is drummer extraordinaire Brian Tichy, these will be the first shows with this lineup.